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B-12 and Iron Supplements

on September 16, 2012

The perfect supplement for vegetarians

There are many misconceptions about the vegetarian diet and many people, however well-intentioned, wrongly believe that the vegetarian diet is unsustainable and harmful. One of the challenges of being vegetarian is dealing with worried friends and family members who believe that humans are evolved to eat meat and that we can not survive without it.

To address this important issue simply, I would like to say that it is true that you can’t get all of your necessary vitamins from a meat-free diet. You must supplement Vitamin B12 and Iron (Ferrous Sulfate). Vitamin B12 is needed for energy and iron is needed to allow your blood cells to absorb oxygen. Without it, anemia develops and you will feel weak and faint. 

There’s more….

The important things you need to understand about taking a supplement is that you can’t just take them at any time. Every vitamin is different and you need to know if it should be taken on an empty stomach or not and what foods help absorb it and what things counteract it. Whole Foods has an overwhelming selection to choose from, but I only recommend Natural Factors Vegan B-12 and Iron Supplement. This supplement has everything you need! This is the only company that seems to know what they are doing because they also add the right amount of Vitamin C to the supplement to allow your body to actually benefit from it. In other words, you can buy other types of iron supplements but they are going to be completely useless to you since they can’t work by themselves and the instructions won’t tell you what to take it with.

I had to figure this out by myself by putting together years of nutrition, biology, and nursing classes and I am surprised that this information is hard to find anywhere. Please remember to always do your research and understand how everything is used by the body before you put it into your body.


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