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Local Restaurant Recommendation 2

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Vegan food- try it and you’ll be hooked

Downtown San Jose has some great restaurants and to celebrate this wonderful city (the home of this blog) I am going to feature the best restaurants I have found downtown. Since I am curious about food, I’ve tried every type of restaurant in this entire city. The best part of this little downtown is that you can find vegetarian options at almost every restaurant and most places are very accommodating if you ask for non-meat dishes.

Good Karma Vegan Café is located at 2nd street and San Fernando and it is my normal lunch spot if I am not cooking at home. It’s a small local place wedged between a parking lot and a Ross store. It’s easy to find because it draws a large crowd in the afternoons; easily recognizable from their laidback California attitudes. So speaking of local eatiers, this one is as local as you get. Read the rest of this entry »

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Vegetarian Thanksgiving


I can’t wait for Tofurkey this Thanksgiving

When I was a young vegetarian, I burned a lot of bridges around Thanksgiving time. I scoffed at the tradition and grumpily lamented about the turkey “corpse” on the table. I struggled with accepting the custom. After all those years of stewing, my rage didn’t build up: It disappeared altogether when I realized how useless and senseless it was to be angry.

I think vegetarians should embrace the tradition and enjoy the time spent with family. That is I believe, above all, the meaning of life. With this happier attitude, I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving to come.

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Local Restaurant Recommendation

spanish cuisine 3

spanish cuisine

Picasso is located in downtown San Jose by 1st and Santa Clara. It’s a Spanish restaurant and as authentic as it gets. The menu, ingredients, set up, and the staff work in unison to create a genuine Spanish atmosphere. The décor is also amazing- Picasso’s masterpieces at every table.

This restaurant serves “Tapas”- which are small appetizers that you share with the whole table. This helps establish what I think is the perfect dining atmosphere: interactive, meaningful, and memorable. This is a special place and in the middle to high end of the pricing spectrum. (About 10-12 dollars a plate.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Protein Packed Lunch in less than a minute

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Add olive oil to your vegetarian diet

My favorite lunch recipe is simple, cheap, and delicious. It is very fast and convenient because it uses long shelf-life products. It’s also perfect when you need to whip up something for friends as it takes less than a minute and requires the most basic ingredients.

Combine (canned) garbanzo beans with a dash of extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and parsley or basil or any other green spice you have. This is where you can experiment. Dill, garlic powder, and gourmet salts also work just great. If you don’t want to add a special touch, then use a small amount of salt and pepper. Read the rest of this entry »

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World Vegetarian Day

October 1st is World Vegetarian Day! Happy Vegetarianism to all my vegetarian readers.

World vegetarian day - 1

World vegetarian day 

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