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Protein Packed Lunch in less than a minute

on October 4, 2012
A 1-liter glass bottle and bowl Bertolli brand...

Add olive oil to your vegetarian diet

My favorite lunch recipe is simple, cheap, and delicious. It is very fast and convenient because it uses long shelf-life products. It’s also perfect when you need to whip up something for friends as it takes less than a minute and requires the most basic ingredients.

Combine (canned) garbanzo beans with a dash of extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and parsley or basil or any other green spice you have. This is where you can experiment. Dill, garlic powder, and gourmet salts also work just great. If you don’t want to add a special touch, then use a small amount of salt and pepper.

This is the perfect meal because the garbanzo beans are unprocessed and high in protein. I don’t recommend processed forms of proteins any more than just a few times a month because eating those things detracts from our goal of being healthy and whole. The extra virgin olive oil is a healthy fat that will add shine to your skin and hair and build strong collagen and cartilage. You must use extra virgin olive oil though- regular olive oil is for cooking.


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