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on October 10, 2012
spanish cuisine 3

spanish cuisine

Picasso is located in downtown San Jose by 1st and Santa Clara. It’s a Spanish restaurant and as authentic as it gets. The menu, ingredients, set up, and the staff work in unison to create a genuine Spanish atmosphere. The décor is also amazing- Picasso’s masterpieces at every table.

This restaurant serves “Tapas”- which are small appetizers that you share with the whole table. This helps establish what I think is the perfect dining atmosphere: interactive, meaningful, and memorable. This is a special place and in the middle to high end of the pricing spectrum. (About 10-12 dollars a plate.)

For two people, I recommend three or four plates- which is perfect for vegetarians because there are about this many meatless dishes. (This is an authentic Spanish restaurant, after all.) The stuffed mushrooms are to die for- they are simmered in a wine sauce and served with a cream one. They are very light and not the usual nasty greasy cheese covered ones elsewhere. They also have a Spanish bruschetta that is crispy, delicious, and light. Lastly, they have amazing green pepper sauté flavored with paprika. They have the best Sangria that I’ve ever had: they are fresh, fruity, sweet, and served with lots of fresh mango.


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