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Vegetarian Thanksgiving

on October 12, 2012

I can’t wait for Tofurkey this Thanksgiving

When I was a young vegetarian, I burned a lot of bridges around Thanksgiving time. I scoffed at the tradition and grumpily lamented about the turkey “corpse” on the table. I struggled with accepting the custom. After all those years of stewing, my rage didn’t build up: It disappeared altogether when I realized how useless and senseless it was to be angry.

I think vegetarians should embrace the tradition and enjoy the time spent with family. That is I believe, above all, the meaning of life. With this happier attitude, I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving to come.

You don’t have to make special arrangements- I have never had to bring it up. If you are invited to someone else’s house, I would graciously accept the offer and bring my tofurkey and maybe another dish, preferably a dessert that everyone can have.

Tofurkey is basically a turkey shaped slab of tofu filled with cranberry stuffing. It is really good! The best tofu or turkey I’ve ever had, actually. If you feel that it is hard to get down, then you can put mushroom gravy on top and it can’t be beat.

Encourage the other diners to try it to. If for no other reason than that it is especially low in calories and fat (and as always, free of cholesterol and the bad fats) Compared to the calories in real meat, tofurkey is the only way to go.

So far there is no other alternative in the tofu thanksgiving turkey market, but Tofurkey is exceptional and it is a fine replacement for real meat.


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