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Eggs in a basket recipe

on November 11, 2012

eggsOne of my favorite breakfast recipes is “Eggs in a Basket.” This takes one minute to prepare and just a few minutes to make so it is very quick and very easy. It’s also very delicious! This recipe is for beginners.  I took this picture this morning, but the above picture doesn’t do this recipe any justice. This recipe is fantastic and it tastes like french toast. If I am cooking for my roommate or for a friend I usually try to impress them by cutting shapes in the bread. The “basket” is a slice of bread, and you can get as creative as you want with the shape. I usually cut out a hole about the size of am egg or a 50 cent piece. You can also cut out a heart shape, or a star, triangle, etc. I use scissors but you can also use a cookie cutter. Follow the recipe below for a delicious and easy breakfast.

1. heat 1 Tablespoon butter or oil on a skillet

2. Place bread slice on skillet

3. Crack open one or two eggs (with the egg yolk going inside your hole and the egg whites spilling over the bread.)

4. flip over a few times as eggs begin to fry

A good tip to remember is that this is just like making a sunny side up egg on toast, so the directions aren’t very complicated and the only technique you need to use is to flip the piece of bread over and get the eggs cooked to your desired preference.

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