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Famous Vegetarians

on December 11, 2012


Sometimes when you need some support or motivation to become vegetarian, a good role model is all you need. I have struggled with the transition before and this was during a time when there was a lot of scrutiny around it. I was in the army at the time and I literally ate mashed potatoes every single day because there was no other option. I am very stubborn so I decided to become a vegetarian no matter what it takes. When you’re in the army and you are a vegetarian there are only two responses:the first one is of delight because soldiers are delighted when you give them youralloted portion of bacon,sausage, and well various army issued meats. The other reaction is one of total shock and disbelief. Of course, I had a great role model so nobody argued with me. The only thing that saved me from endless debate was this:

“Pamela Anderson is a vegetarian.” At the time, this was a saving grace. Thank you Pamela! I really do think she is a good role model in her work in PETA. There are so many great role models that are vegetarian that I decided to make a very inspiring list. If you ever struggle with your transition then this list will help tremendously. Life is so much easier when you have someone to look up to. Pamela has it in the looks department, but looks aren’t everything so we have to add to the list. What cut it in the army won’t cut it in the civilian world.  I personally look up to Albert Einstein, who was supposedly a vegetarian. Also, the Dalai Lama. Natalie Portman is vegan and so is Alicia Silverstone. Miley Cyrus, Carrie Underwood, Paul McCartney, Jenna Jameson.

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