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Healthy meal in 5 minutes or less

on December 11, 2012


When I find something that’s healthy, easy, and delicious- I can’t wait to write about it. I hope this vegetable trick will help people who don’t have the time to eat fresh vegetables. This is a concotion that I made two weeks ago and I’ve been eating it for lunch and dinner every day since. So far, this is the best trick up my sleeve to eat lots of vegetables with hardly any effort at all.  I was a picky eater growing up so this particular recipe is fast and easy but it’s also very bland, but that’s a good thing because it is a great “base.”  The secret to this trick is to buy shredded carrots and shredded purple cabbage. You can also use shredded brocolli but that is quite bitter. Voila! The hard part is done…

Then you heat up a frozen rice bowl entree of your choice. Annies Natural Products makes great rice/bean bowls for under 5$ that are organic and very good. The rice and beans should be eaten together because the carbs in the rice allow the protein from the beans to absorb. Anytime you eat vegetables you should have some fat with it to allow the vegetables vitamins to absorb, too. Something like salad dressing is good but it’s always best to not eat vegetables by themselves. From my research, it apparently causes gas and no nutrititioinal benefit. But the beans in the rice and bean bowl pairs with the vegetables. I take a big scoop or handful of carrots and put it in a bowl, then I add a  large scoop of shredded purple cabbage, and heat up the bean/rice bowl. When it’s heated and ready, I dump the rice and bean bowl on top of the vegetables and mix it up. I put a lot of vegetables so it’s about 50% fresh veggies and 50% frozen meal. This is the greatest trick I’ve ever come up with!

Frozen meals are a part of life. They are a necessary evil but I don’t think they’ve been studied enough. Why not add fresh food to a frozen meal? Not only is it super fast and easy, but it makes you actually feel good about having eaten something frozen and packaged. Man, I feel great when I eat this meal! It makes me happy because all those vegetables are so refreshing. I take a lot of shortcuts with being vegetarian, but this one is the easiest and best one. The Annies rice and bean bowl mixed with vegetables tastes just like a taco or burrito filling and it’s all less than 300 calories and it fills you up but won’t weigh you down. After eating this for about 2 weeks, I feel as though I have been on a juice cleanse.

This shortcut is highly recomended by me for the fresh vegetables. It’s hard to get fresh vegetables in my diet but this way makes it very easy. Also, studies show that other easy methods of vegetable intake, like carrot juice or juiced vegetables are not nutritional because the vegetables break down when they are juiced. So all you get is rotting-but preserved- vegetables. I used to drink carrot, beat, and celery juice every day but I NEVER felt any different or good afterwards. This new trick of putting fresh vegetables in the frozen meal is totally different because I actually feel wonderful. I hope it does for you, too!

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