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Sneaky animal parts in foods

on December 11, 2012

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Just as I try to encourage you to sneak vegetables into every meal, there are others out there that are doing the exact opposite and ruining all our hard work. There are animal parts in the most unsuspecting foods. “Natural flavor” can be just about anything.  Sometimes it comes from the anal gland of a beaver. Starbucks used to make a “natural” strawberry shake that was dyed red with crushed up beetles. Gelatin is made of animal products. There are plenty of vitamins available that are vegetarian though. Some brands of maple syrup contain beef derivatives. From what I understand these are mainly the cheaper brands. Even sugar and Vitamin D supplements can also contain bone chard. I purchase ‘Vegan Sugar’ from whole foods (365 brand).

If you’re vegan–there are various different names for milk products including whey, casein, and lactic acid… You have to be careful because some products labeled as ‘non-dairy’ are not actually vegan and may contain milk products.

Gelatin- is made with animal parts.
Rennet- Usually I see it in cheese. It’s made out of pig/cow guts and helps to harden the cheese. There are vegetarian cheeses out there though, so just check the ingredients and you’ll find one. Goat cheese is usually free of animal intestines. Carmine aka 662- There’s a number of additive numbers. Even some BREAD has animal bits in it (mostly animal hair)
Vitamin D3.  Why is it necessary to put meat in margarine!

If you have a smart phone, there’s a few good apps out there. I use “Animal Free”. It’s free  and names some of the sneaky ingredients that aren’t vegetarian.
It does get easier to read ingredients and see the key things you do and don’t want to be eatingDon’t feel too bad if you mess up either. Just learn for next time.

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