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Sneaky animal parts in foods

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Just as I try to encourage you to sneak vegetables into every meal, there are others out there that are doing the exact opposite and ruining all our hard work. There are animal parts in the most unsuspecting foods. “Natural flavor” can be just about anything.  Sometimes it comes from the anal gland of a beaver. Starbucks used to make a “natural” strawberry shake that was dyed red with crushed up beetles. Gelatin is made of animal products. There are plenty of vitamins available that are vegetarian though. Some brands of maple syrup contain beef derivatives. From what I understand these are mainly the cheaper brands. Even sugar and Vitamin D supplements can also contain bone chard. I purchase ‘Vegan Sugar’ from whole foods (365 brand).

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Local Restaurant Recommendation 2

Gluten-Free, Vegan Ukrainian Christmas Eve Mai...

Vegan food- try it and you’ll be hooked

Downtown San Jose has some great restaurants and to celebrate this wonderful city (the home of this blog) I am going to feature the best restaurants I have found downtown. Since I am curious about food, I’ve tried every type of restaurant in this entire city. The best part of this little downtown is that you can find vegetarian options at almost every restaurant and most places are very accommodating if you ask for non-meat dishes.

Good Karma Vegan Café is located at 2nd street and San Fernando and it is my normal lunch spot if I am not cooking at home. It’s a small local place wedged between a parking lot and a Ross store. It’s easy to find because it draws a large crowd in the afternoons; easily recognizable from their laidback California attitudes. So speaking of local eatiers, this one is as local as you get. Read the rest of this entry »

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B-12 and Iron Supplements

The perfect supplement for vegetarians

There are many misconceptions about the vegetarian diet and many people, however well-intentioned, wrongly believe that the vegetarian diet is unsustainable and harmful. One of the challenges of being vegetarian is dealing with worried friends and family members who believe that humans are evolved to eat meat and that we can not survive without it.

To address this important issue simply, I would like to say that it is true that you can’t get all of your necessary vitamins from a meat-free diet. You must supplement Vitamin B12 and Iron (Ferrous Sulfate). Vitamin B12 is needed for energy and iron is needed to allow your blood cells to absorb oxygen. Without it, anemia develops and you will feel weak and faint. 

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