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Vegetarian Revolution

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The proof is in the pudding

In the long gone ages of yesteryear, people used to think that eating meat was a nutritional requirement and a god given right. As far as people knew, we have been eating meat for millions of years. While it is true that are ancestors ate meat, I think the trend (amongst healthy individuals) is definitely headed towards a vegetarian lifestyle. Since vegetarianism has been studied, increasing research reveals that vegetarianism is a healthy and safe option for the following reasons:

1. Dramatic decrease in cholesteral (complete elimination of cholesterol if you follow a vegan diet)

2. Vegetarian diets are linked with an overall dramatic decrease in all types of cancers across the board (The China Study)

3. Increased Energy (thought to raise energy because the intestines readily absorb nutrients from vegetables, while meat takes many hours or days and might slow the system down.)

Added benefits include:

1. Saving 10-20% off groceries (meat is very expensive!)

2. Increased sense of worth and well-being

3. Weight loss (if you cut down on junk food, too)


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