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Not all healthy food is good

on December 6, 2012

yuckEver since Whole Foods opened it’s doors, the demand for healthy food has increased. The health food market is huge and it seems like there’s a new product on the shelves every week. I have tried every healthy packaged consumer good out there: healthy cheddar kale chips, vegan walnut parmesan cheese, mint chocolate tofu bars, etc. Most of these are tasty and they are all very expensive. Every once in a while, an imposter such as Linwoods super power nut topping wants in on the billion dollar health food market. But this product is disgusting and a gimmick. I hate to write a negative review, but there is nothing good I can say about this product.

You can purchase Linwoods topping at Wholefoods in the supplements aisle for about 12.99.  It is marketed as a natural B-12 and omega-3 supplement made out of flax, sesame, goji, and pumpkin seeds. I was attracted to this product because I loved the idea of “sprinkling” the natural seeds onto my yogurt or smoothie. Researchers recently discovered that the healthiest seed in the world is the sesame seed, and all the ingredients in the bag of Linwoods are very well-known and very well-respected amongst health advocates. I was also attracted to this product because it is a natural supplement and I would rather eat food than taking a supplement.

I sprinkled this stuff on my greek yogurt for breakfast and was unpleasantly surprised with the taste. It was as if I had purchased ground cardboard sprinkles. Nevertheless, I kept sprinkling this stuff on my breakfast day after day because I believed that the benefits outweigh the negative. The blow came when after a few days and I had seen no benefit in my mood or energy and checked the ingredients on the bag. That’s when I found out that the serving size for this is not ” a sprinkle” but rather, 5 HEAPING TABLESPOONS. What does that mean? I’ve never seen any product measure tablespoons that high. That’s because the serving size is actually closer to 1/3 to 1/2 of a cup, but Linwoods probably thought that it would seem like too much.

Basically, you have to eat half of the bag to get the full benefit. And the full benefit is very very small: 5% of your daily B-12 supplement and about 5% of fiber plus a few grams of omegas.

This packaging is very deceptive and very sneaky and I do not recommend this disgusting product to anyone. It is very expensive, and even if you could eat half of the bag of the crumbled nuts in one sitting, you would only get about 10% of your daily requirement of the vitamins you need. Yuck! Two thumbs down.



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